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“I don’t listen better, just differently.”

When employees feel at home in a company, they contribute a lot to its success. I work at Care Gate, our occupational social counselling service, and advise staff in need of help.
Andrea Blaser Mühlhaupt, Health & Employability Specialist
23 February 2021


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Of course, any contact with us is strictly confidential. I’ve been a social worker for 25 years, and joined Swisscom last summer. I have been blind since birth. Even though I can’t see, I know how a person is feeling when they enter the room. I just use other senses. No-one made a fuss about my being blind on my first work day at Swisscom – I appreciated that. It’s important to me that I be treated like any other colleague. I’ll let people know if I need something. My guide dog Vélia, a black Labrador, helped me get used to my new commute and is also allowed in the office with me. The mood in my team is extraordinarily sympathetic.

Andrea Blaser Mühlhaupt

Health & Employability Specialist

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