Arianna Belotti


“I would love to learn 10 different languages.”

Everyone has prejudices. It is only when we are aware of that that we can change it. Diversity means recognising the variety of people, backgrounds and ways of life and having an open attitude, which is something that is also important to me personally.

By Arianna Belotti, Leader Customer Care Tessin und Co-Lead Responsible Diversity, Bellinzona

One way of promoting understanding between people is through language. Even as a child, I loved learning languages. I now speak Italian, German and French fluently and am continuing to improve my English, as I use it at work. At Swisscom, we are working to create the best conditions so that all employees can communicate with each other and continue to grow, whatever their native language.

I am not only interested in languages, but in people and their motivations too. I value good conversation, like listening to others and want to really understand the person I am speaking to. That is why, in any professional situation, I always see the person first, before I turn to their role and tasks.

Arianna Belotti

Leader Customer Care Tessin und Co-Lead Responsible Diversity

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