Portrait Aurora Kämpfer

‘Becoming a mediamatician in two years instead of four.’

From being in front of and behind the camera, to planning and presenting events, to working as a TikToker for Wingo – over the past two years, I’ve worked on a wide range of projects and achieved a lot of personal growth. I’ve just completed the accelerated ‘Way-up’ training course for high school graduates to become a mediamatician.
Aurora Kämpfer , young professional mediamatician
25 August 2023


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After I graduated from high school, I wanted to do something practical. I’m a creative and active person. I play six instruments, write songs, am in a metal band, love ball sports, co-founded a sports club and teach music and sports lessons. My life is never boring. This made me realise that I needed a varied career like mediamatics.


Something important that I learned during my training? Communication is the key and it opens doors. I've found that it pays to take the initiative and that colleagues are happy to support me in my work when I approach them. At Swisscom, I’ve learnt that there’s always a solution.

Aurora Kämpfer

young professional mediamatician

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