Awalom Bereketeab

I knew it would be a huge opportunity if I learned to code. But the programming school for refugees, Powercoders rejected me at first. Then I took part in a Swisscom programming workshop and hoped that a door would open. That’s exactly what happened: I approached the founder of Powercoders and he encouraged me to apply again. On the second attempt, it worked. I attended a three-month programming course and then joined Swisscom as an intern. Today, I have a permanent contract and work with my team to develop services and products for Swisscom customers. From zero to one hundred: Swisscom was my lifesaver. Who knows how my career would have gone otherwise? The team welcomed me right from the start and gave me intensive support, even though I only had basic knowledge at the time. That’s unique.

Awalom Bereketeab

DevOps Engineer

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