Christian Suter und Oliver Oberli

‘We make better decisions together.’

It was our idea to become co-leads for the team while simultaneously continuing to function as strategic purchasers.
Christian Suter and Oliver Oberli, Co-Lead Purchasing General Services
30 April 2021


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This gives us first-hand experience of customers’ needs and enables us to optimally organise the team. Even though we’re quite different, we work well together. We can trust each other, and we’ve been practising that for these last six years, even before we became co-leads. Tenders, supplier contracts, negotiations – there’s a lot at stake in strategic purchasing. But when we divide responsibility between two sets of shoulders, there’s less stress overall. We can have straightforward discussions before reaching major decisions, which is very useful. Alternative work models are popular among our generation. None of our colleagues have asked, “Wouldn’t you rather pursue your career alone?” Instead, everyone finds it pretty cool that Swisscom allows for something like a co-lead structure. Our supervisor and the whole team support us tremendously in this. We’d like to say thank you for that.

Christian Suter and Oliver Oberli

Co-Lead Purchasing General Services

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