Christian Zurlinden and Marcel Jegerlehner

Until recently, four freight wagons full of plastic, aluminium and paper from Shop waste ended up being incinerated every year. Our idea for changing this started in a leadership training session and we made it fly with the help of our internal innovation programme Kickbox. A coach supported us with innovation knowledge and critical questions. We quickly set up the first plastic, aluminium and paper recycling stations for Shop employees. Although we both work in very different areas, we have made a difference together.

What did we learn? Active listening empowers innovation. You can achieve a lot without huge resources or effort. It pays to be brave and just get started. We are now sharing these insights with our teams.

About Swisscom Kickbox

Swisscom harnesses employee knowledge, ideas and creativity through Kickbox, its internal innovation programme. Anyone can use Kickbox to start and grow an innovative idea easily at any time. The physical box contains

  • A starting credit of CHF 1,000
  • 20% of work time for 2 months
  • A manual that explains the idea validation process and provides valuable tips

During the multi-stage process, employees are supported by a coach so they can drive their idea forward, learn a lot and – in the best-case scenario – turn their idea into the next big thing.

Christian Zurlinden and Marcel Jegerlehner

Strategy Manager Shop

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