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«Swisscom instead of Silicon Valley.»

I’m a knowledge hunter. As an IT trainee at Swisscom, I realised what suits me best professionally. Now I'm permanently employed as a software engineer.
Davide Menini, Software Engineer
10 October 2022


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The move from Milan to Zurich was worth it: after graduating with a Master's degree in electrical engineering and information technology from the ETH, I grew very quickly professionally. The trainee programme is a great stepping stone. I got to know very different projects and had the opportunity to put on business glasses, which were new to me as a techie.



After six months, I accepted the job offer from my first project and left the trainee programme early. I now wish to develop in programming and then later on make a difference at management level. Fantastic team spirit, flexibility, freedom - that's what I experience in my work at Swisscom. Software engineers can't only be happy in Silicon Valley.

Davide Menini

Software Engineer

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