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"Perfectly imperfect."

Many people think 50 is too old to take on further training. I beg to differ. I’m currently 52 and in my sixth semester of an information systems degree.
Dolkar Hofmann, Lean Agile Master
17 November 2022


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I am definitely a people person and trust anyone until they show that they don’t deserve it. As a Lean Agile Master, I am responsible for coaching two teams on major incident and problem management and believe in leading by example. My background is in commercial management, and I am now taking classes in information systems to better understand the work of my teams.


Since my mother fell ill with cancer two years ago and died only a few months later, Swisscom was extremely accommodating and offered me the space I needed without any need for discussion. I could not imagine a better employer. Since this happened, I look at life with different eyes, keep a video diary and appreciate the small things. Perfection becomes boring after a while, and nobody should have to fit a particular mould.

Dolkar Hofmann

Lean Agile Master

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