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"I always keep a cool head."

When my phone rings, so do the alarm bells. As an escalation manager I’m the first person people call when things go very wrong. These are faults that are reported in 20 minutes.
Dominic Corti, Senior Escalation Manager
23 February 2021


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Does that stress me out? Not any more. I have to keep a cool head in emergencies. Transparency is very important for customers. They want to know what progress we have made and what we’ve found out. Explained in simple, factual terms. I always divide major faults into different phases and prioritise short, medium and long-term activities. In doing so, I keep various options open. I never put all my eggs in one basket. Being methodical works in my private life as well. I’m getting married this year. That’s a major personal project, but you don’t need a troubleshooter for it!

Dominic Corti

Senior Escalation Manager

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