Dusan Vuksanovic

In Switzerland, we focus on quality performance, and being reasonable. In Silicon Valley being positively unreasonable is not only tolerated, but required. My focus at Swisscom Outpost is cyber security, and I build the bridge between Switzerland and the Valley in this area. In the US, I get to know new technologies, start-ups and ways of thinking, and gain insights into the world's leading tech companies. From all the insights, I extract the core that is significant and adds value to Swisscom's business. At Swisscom, I have been actively developing my skills for 15 years, taking on various roles and responsibilities that have repeatedly challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and grow both personally and professionally. My most important tools are my curiosity and the passion to make the "impossible" possible.

Dusan Vuksanovic

VP Cyber Security & Innovation

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