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“We’ll sort it out.”

That’s what I say to calm down even the most frustrated of customers, those with the reddest of faces and the loudest of voices.
Edvin Caminada, Service Engineer
23 February 2021


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You know, sometimes it can take an hour, but it doesn’t matter, as long as I can help them, if they have a fault at home or at the office, a poor connection or their computer has a virus. Sometimes I get more than I bargained for! From time to time, customers invite me in for a cuppa and a chat. I am one of 450 Swisscom engineers. We visit an average of 2,100 customers per day. If you don’t like people, then you’re in the wrong job. We are the link between the customer and Swisscom. We show customers what they are getting from Swisscom – and feed back their complaints and compliments into the business.

Edvin Caminada

Service Engineer

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