Portait Edwin Ramirez Garcia

“I like to raise awareness through humour.”

Being in a wheelchair, people can be unsure of how to interact with me. When I am out and about with a colleague, most people assume I am with a carer – and talk about me in the third person.
Edwin Ramirez Garcia, Marketing Assistant
23 February 2021


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At some point, I realised that there's humour in these experiences, good or bad, and that I can make people laugh when recounting them. Today, stand-up comedy is my biggest passion outside of work. Through comedy, I can highlight important issues and so break down barriers. Being on stage also gives me an outlet – a way of letting off steam. After the show, people will often come up to me and say things like “oh, I never really thought about that” and some even thank me. My job at Swisscom also gives me an opportunity to play to my strengths and continue my personal development. I recently started writing an internal marketing blog to report on the success of our actions and the colleagues in my team. Since taking up stand-up comedy, I really feel that I have grown as a person.

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