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“I am proud@Swisscom.”

More freedom: with this goal in mind, I switched from the bank to Swisscom seven years ago. Now I support major Swiss banks in transitioning to the digital age. I work in management, am openly gay and co-founded the LGBTIQ* community Proud@Swisscom in 2020.
Elias Gutscher, Key Account Manager Global Banking
18 June 2021


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We already have over 150 active participants and are committed to greater openness and understanding. It’s the little things that count. People often do not understand the ways in which their statements can hurt others, which is why we have developed an LGBTIQ* online learning programme for our colleagues, in which we provide plenty of tips for everyday working life. “Do you have a partner?” This open question alone makes our lives easier. Many people are still unsure about how to interact with LGBTIQ* people in the right way. One thing is certain: those who are not open about themselves can be seen as suspicious. That is why we as a community are challenged to present ourselves as we really are. This is also something that is very important to me, and Swisscom makes it possible. I feel supported by the company’s culture.

Elias Gutscher

Key Account Manager Global Banking

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