Fabio Farine

“Our remote control is easy on the eyes – and the hands.”

To me, service means putting the customer benefits at the heart of product development.
Fabio Farine, Product Owner Consumer Hardware TV
19 August 2021


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For the Swisscom TV-Box, we chose soft, rounded shapes and high-quality materials. It’s now ready to take centre stage in our customers’ living rooms! In the project team, we describe the remote control as easy on the hands as well as on the eyes, because it’s so comfortable to hold and intuitive to use. I’ve been working at Swisscom TV for ten years and serve as the interface between external hardware development and internal product development. My job is to bring all the requirements together – from technology to design and production. I take time to integrate all the participants into the process – preferably via an in-person meeting. Developing TV hardware is a question not just of technology, but also of emotion, and it’s easiest to make these emotions come alive when you’re in direct contact with others. Successful products are the result of dialogue.

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They make the best customer experience possible: our employees. In the Zoom Service Portraits series, we show what “service” means to them. Whether in direct contact with customers, in software development or in network expansion – the idea of service informs everything we do. Together, we are ready to inspire our customers.


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Fabio Farine

Product Owner Consumer Hardware TV

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