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“Nature and technology really are a match made in heaven.”

Piling up mobile phones is a classic example. Before eating, each member of the family puts their mobile phone in a pile, one on top of the other. The first to reach for their phone has to do the washing up.
Giorgio Macaluso, Media Trainer
23 February 2021


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These are the types of tips that I give parents during my media courses. My job is really exciting. Keeping bees gives me my balance. Thanks to bees, I approach life differently. Why not let a wildflower meadow grow instead of mowing the lawn? My three beehive boxes are located at the Swisscom Group Headquarters in Worblaufen. The honey is a great spin-off. I’d now like to inspire other employees to get involved with beekeeping. The Internet of Things will soon let us watch the bees in the hive and weigh them automatically. The natural and technological worlds really are a match made in heaven – that’s something else that I tell people during my media courses.

Giorgio Macaluso

Media Trainer

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