Portrait Gregory Minder

“My focus: helping people move forwards.”

At Swisscom, I advise business customers and ensure that SAP runs smoothly within their companies. In my free time, I support football players, both up-and-coming talent and professionals, and make sure that they continue to develop personally and in footballing terms.
Gregory Minder, Junior Consultant SAP Compliance
01 March 2022


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SAP is a global leading software solution for managing business processes. As an SAP consultant, I have an exciting job and am also advancing my career at the same time. I’m currently orchestrating the introduction of SAP for an emergency service organisation, and am working internally on the topics of compliance and security. I’m a versatile person and find it easy to put myself in other people’s shoes. That’s why my focus is on helping people move forwards, both in my job and as part of my passion for football. As a consultant, I spend a lot of time with customers and am often on the go, which suits me. I value the high level of flexibility I get with Swisscom: during the day, I can spontaneously work from an office in Geneva and then spend the evening observing a talented young footballer in the stadium.

Gregory Minder

Junior Consultant SAP Compliance

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