John Riordan

For me, collaborating with young talent has always been an asset. Still, I never thought that, in addition to my three children, I’d end up as a “team father” to around 30 apprentices. But when, out of nowhere, I was offered the leadership of the Apps team in addition to my job as a product developer, all I said was: “Yes, I’ll take it.” That is exactly what I value about Swisscom: the many opportunities for development that open up to you. I’ve never regretted my decision. Nobody is as curious and well acquainted with new technologies as the younger generation. For the past three years, my apprentices have been impressing our clients with their professional apps and designs and their technical expertise. The new apprentices are coached by experienced apprentices and Young Professionals, and we have had very good experiences with this model. Our team is like a family. All ideas are welcome and the phrase “that’s impossible” does not exist. It is important to me and Swisscom to give apprentices the feeling that they are making a difference and that they are part of the future. I think it’s great that Swisscom enables the Apps team – that is to say, a start-up within the group.

John Riordan

New Business Development & Apps Team Manager

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