Portrait Joseph Enkaoua

“It’s never boring in IT.”

No teaching and no teachers: that’s the Ecole 42 motto. I study at the legendary, free computer programming school in Lausanne and work with Swisscom’s IT systems as an intern.
Joseph Enkaoua, Praktikant DevOps
21 April 2023


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At Ecole 42, motivation, curiosity and perseverance are what count. Education, degrees or experience don’t matter. It’s this approach that has enabled me, as a career changer from Israel, to study IT in Switzerland. The trial month at Ecole 42 is like being thrown into the deep end of a swimming pool. As a layman, I had to solve complex coding tasks with content that was almost incomprehensible without experience. But I enjoy problem-solving, and I managed it.


Developing, testing, deploying, automating: my DevOps internship at Swisscom is extremely varied and exceeds my expectations. At the moment, I’m working full time and studying in my free time. My work-life balance? When I’m riding my motorcycle, I can empty my head and just feel free.


Swisscom supports Ecole 42 as a sponsor.

Joseph Enkaoua

Praktikant DevOps

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