Kim Kimmich Diener

Since then, we have been sending Internet- and TV-Boxes in aesthetic natural cardboard boxes. They’re so nice that our customers like to keep them. The high quality, neutral design with simple motifs is well received – I hear that again and again from people I know. The cardboard is intuitively perceived as sustainable – and it is! FSC, water-based inks, no finishing.

I appreciate being able to get involved in sustainability issues at Swisscom, as they concern me in my personal life too. I’m certainly no role model, but I’m always trying to improve, such as by cutting down on food waste, taking the train or bike instead of the car, or doing the laundry with cold water. I now also mix my own non-toxic detergent. The tidying expert Marie Kondo has inspired me. Since I value my clothes and consciously thank them when I sort them out, I also buy less. We need to move forward as a society, and I’m motivated to do this, step by step.

Kim Kimmich Diener

Senior Experience Manager

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