Portrait Lya Zimmermann

“I owe it all to my apprenticeship.”

I owe my position today to Swisscom’s unique professional training system.
Lya Zimmermann, Lean Agile Leader Workplace
27 January 2022


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My life has done a complete 180 since my apprenticeship as a customer dialogue specialist. In my third training year, I worked in IT support and discovered my love of technical support. After my apprenticeship, I switched to the IT field and took on a role managing business-critical workplace platforms. In August 2020, however, a neurological emergency turned everything upside down – and gave me a second chance at life. Swisscom was fantastic and offered me generous support as I reintegrated myself into working life. Today I’m 24, once again working almost full-time and assisting three technical teams with learning agile working methods in my role as a Lean Agile Master. Making people’s lives easier has always given me a sense of fulfilment. I simply feel at home in the field of ICT.

Lya Zimmermann

Lean Agile Leader Workplace

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