Portrait Murielle De Roche

“I surprised myself the most.”

When I decided to take part in setting up the Swisscom DevOps Center in Rotterdam at the end of 2019, I was following my gut.
Murielle De Roche, Agile Coach
30 March 2022


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At Swisscom, we require more highly specialised IT professionals than the Swiss job market can provide. As part of the “war for talents”, we opened the Swisscom DevOps Center in Rotterdam in 2019. Here, around 240 DevOps engineers from more than 40 countries develop and operate software. They are organised into agile teams and are in close contact with their Swiss stakeholders. Big goals, high motivation and a sprinkling of chaos – during my two years on site, I had the feeling of working in a rapidly growing start-up. In this innovative international environment, I learned a lot, benefited on a personal level and continued to develop. Before I returned to Switzerland, we built up a local leadership team. Today, I develop people and DevOps teams as an Agile Coach and also work in a highly innovative environment in Switzerland – something which is very important to me.

Murielle De Roche

Agile Coach

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