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“I ensure the best possible customer experience.”

Arab-Palestinian cuisine is becoming increasingly popular in Switzerland, but manakish – flatbreads topped with spices, halloumi or minced meat – are still unknown.
Nadim Ganam, Product Manager WLAN-Services B2B
23 February 2021


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So my girlfriend and I decided to bring manakish to the people. After a visit to the Thun street food festival, we spontaneously registered for the street food festival in Bern, where the manakish were really well received. Customers watched us prepare the food at our Middle Eastern-style stand – even queuing became an experience. The customer experience is my focus in my work as a product manager as well. I help to ensure that hotel guests in Switzerland can easily log into the hotel wifi and surf, chat and send holiday photos home via a first-class internet connection. At Swisscom, I have the flexibility to pursue my favourite hobby alongside my work.

Nadim Ganam

Product Manager WLAN-Services B2B

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