Nadine Grigoleit


“My brain works differently”

ADHD and autism spectrum disorders in the workplace: speaking openly about the challenges we face as neurodivergent people helps companies take full advantage of the individual skills and talents we have to offer. I myself identify as neurodivergent and changed career to join Swisscom in an IT capacity.

As a child with ADHD, I felt that I didn’t fit in anywhere. Today, I know that I’m fine just the way I am. After 10 years of working as a self-employed coach, I am now putting my diverse skills to good use at Swisscom, supporting IT teams with agile working.

I am also co-founder of Swisscom’s Neurodiversity Community, which works hard to improve awareness and understanding of neurodiversity at the workplace and help create a more accommodating and inclusive environment. For employees with ADHD, for example, quiet zones provide considerable relief as simply wearing earphones is not enough to help me focus. I firmly believe that speaking openly about neurodiversity is essential to ensuring a happy, productive workplace for all.

Nadine Grigoleit

Scrum Master and Team Coach

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