Portrait Philipp Brentrop

“Accepting help is not a sign of weakness.”

At the start of my apprenticeship in business informatics, I exercised regularly and hardly ever took sick leave. Then, in 2020, I was diagnosed with a brain tumour, which changed my life completely.
Philipp Brentrop, Lernender ICT-Fachmann
25 May 2023


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Despite being unable to work for a long time due to the extensive treatment regimen, Swisscom made it possible for me to keep my apprenticeship contract. Together with my coach, I decided to take a step back for the sake of my health and switch to an apprenticeship as ICT specialist. Today, I am tumour-free, but am affected by fatigue, a typical after-effect of the condition, which means that I need to take more frequent breaks. Swisscom has always been there for me, has supported me and continues to show considerable compassion and understanding for my situation, which gives me a real sense of security. For me, it also helps to be open about my condition. I know that, with the right support, I can achieve anything.

Philipp Brentrop

Lernender ICT-Fachmann

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