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“As a father, you wait until your time comes.”

A lot of people think software developers spend their lives programming codes. They don’t realise how creative the job actually is: you start with a problem. And to solve it, you can choose from a thousand options.
Reto Wehrli, Software Developer
23 February 2021


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It’s a bit like the signature of an artist, hidden in a program. The same goes for the way I dress my daughter. She doesn't mind whether she wears green or red trousers. Mothers and fathers can go two ways about achieving the same thing: in this dressing their daughter. Our daughter was born last year. Initially, I played second wheel, I was mainly responsible for the infrastructure. As a father, you wait until your time comes. At Swisscom I attended a crash course for fathers – out of curiosity, to see how other fathers were coping. Many change their mind after the birth about working from home and looking after a small child. I tend to be more pragmatic, I didn’t have many illusions. What I appreciate about Swisscom is that I’m the master of my time. So, if we have to go to the baby doctor, then we do.

Reto Wehrli

Software Developer

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