Portait Sajeeban Chandresegaran

“My goal: to be a professional dancer.”

Dancing has been my great passion for the past three and a half years. In a few years, I would like to tour with a singer, ideally the rapper Drake.
Sajeeban Chandresegaran, sport and commerce apprentice
23 February 2021


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You can’t work as a dancer forever, though, so I feel it is important to get a good apprenticeship qualification first. My commercial apprenticeship at Swisscom lasts four years – I am in a special class that combines an apprenticeship with sport and work five hours a day, which gives me time to dance. I am currently working in the Swisscom Shop and am among the top 10 sales assistants in the Bern region. In my free time, I have an intensive training schedule and also teach children and organise dance shows now and again. It’s a lot. But I have the goal of becoming a professional dancer firmly in my sights. Soon I'll be taking lessons at Urban Dance Camp with the world's best dance teachers – my sister came up with the idea of crowdfunding to allow me to take part. It worked!

Sajeeban Chandresegaran

sport and commerce apprentice

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