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"No two days are the same."

I founded my first start-up in the online sector during my IT apprenticeship – and the second a couple of years later in Peking.
Sascha Gysel, Head of e-foresight Digital Banking Think Tank
23 February 2021


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What fascinates me about entrepreneurship? Never being certain about anything and constant change. Life couldn’t have been more eventful than in China, where no two days were the same. You had to be flexible and always willing to take on new ideas. Today I head a kind of start-up within Swisscom called e-foresight. We support banks with their digital transformation as an independent think tank. New technologies like artificial intelligence, new business models and changed customer behaviour have a major impact on the entire financial industry. Supporting clients with their transformation means that we have to keep on developing our think tank and learn new things. And that’s exactly why I love my job.

Sascha Gysel

Head of e-foresight Digital Banking Think Tank

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