Sebastian Wywior

I am an empathetic person and really value talking to customers, because it ensures that my work is of a high quality and allows me to incorporate their wishes. I am currently working on the new My Swisscom App, which is a digital companion “from becoming a customer through to being a customer”. Using the new app should be an inspiring experience. Discovering offers and ordering products, managing subscriptions, changing the WLAN password, putting the router into operation – all this will become even more intuitive. I am motivated by the sense of achievement I get when a solution I designed goes live and then everything works perfectly. When I have a concern, I would prefer to be able to resolve it quickly and easily online myself. That's my idea of the best service. The only thing better is if I don't need any service at all.

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They make the best customer experience possible: our employees. In the Zoom Service Portraits series, we show what “service” means to them. Whether in direct contact with customers, in software development or in network expansion – the idea of service informs everything we do. Together, we are ready to inspire our customers.

What you make of it is what we’re made of.

Sebastian Wywior

Lead Product Designer My Swisscom App, Zürich

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