Susanne Jacoby

“Service and sympathy make all the difference.”

I work for Swisscom’s business customers segment in the Zurich area and in eastern Switzerland and am currently helping licensed doctors and therapists to digitalise their practice and simplify their everyday work.
Susanne Jacoby, Key Account Manager, Doctors
26 August 2021


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Electronic medical records, service entry, receivables management, archiving solutions and secure document dispatch – our products can do all this and more. I take the time to understand the day-to-day workings of a practice and then offer a needs-based solution. Why do SMEs like medical practices choose us? In my experience, service and sympathy are the deciding factors. For my customers, I am the face behind Swisscom. I appreciate this role. For me, service means being a safe, reliable partner. Many doctors trust us and are convinced that Swisscom will continue to drive and ensure digitalisation in the medical sector.

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Susanne Jacoby

Key Account Manager, Doctors

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