Susanne Krüger

Just a few years ago, you would typically have found me on the construction site, with my helmet, steel-toed shoes, map, construction contract and laptop under my arm. Today, I mainly work in the office. Since 2019, I have been the proud Vice-Chair of the Swisscom IT, Network & Infrastructure (INI) Employee Representation Committee. I really like the diversity of my work. I appreciate having new challenges and complex issues to solve. One of my strengths is that I find it easy to understand different ways of thinking. My motivation? As an employee representative, I can support employees and convey their wishes to the right recipients, for example during the strategy negotiations for the new collective employment agreement. The fire burning inside me drives me and also ensures that I am a good motivator. The keys to change are openness and courage.

Susanne Krüger

ICT Application Manager & Vice-Chair of the INI Employee Representation Committee

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