Portrait Tulu Budesa

“Mums and dads have superpowers.”

Following my first period of maternity leave, I switched internally from Swisscom HR marketing to talent management and took a part-time co-lead role.
Tulu Budesa, Co-Lead Talent Management
23 February 2021


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Swisscom promotes alternative working models, which enables parents to combine their families with their careers. I’m a great example: I have two children under the age of two and a half, and I’m working in a high-responsibility role that I enjoy. In talent management, we identify and accompany high-potential individuals, and support them in their development. It’s vital for companies to invest in their employees – after all, they’re the ones who will build the future. Just like our children. Mums and dads play a variety of roles in their daily lives. I find switching between roles like this both challenging and educational. These days, I’m more organised and efficient than ever before. I don’t always manage the balancing act perfectly, but that’s life.

Tulu Budesa

Co-Lead Talent Management

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