Trainee programme for Master’s graduates

12 months, 2 or more project placements, 1 great future

The trainee programme gives you everything you need to get your career at Swisscom off to a flying start. You will gain an insight into different areas of business and activity, and start building a network that will come in very useful for your professional future.

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What to expect

The trainee programme starts in October of each year. Aside from the practical placements which you choose yourself, you and your colleagues on the trainee programme will also attend different workshops to advance your personal and professional development. Plus, you’ll collaborate on exciting Swisscom business innovations alongside your colleagues. And, throughout the programme, you will benefit from the support and expertise of an experienced mentor.


You have an outstanding Master’s degree which you completed within the past 12 months. You also possess very good communication skills, a thirst for knowledge and commitment. Does the originality of your ideas impress people? Would you like to make a difference at Swisscom? If so, we look forward to meeting you.


You can apply here(opens in new tab) for the 2024 trainee class starting in October 2024. We look forward to your video (see link in the ad).

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