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Swisscom is going to roll out the latest mobile generation, 5G in Switzerland already this year. Not only is 5G much faster, it also responds in real time, enabling applications that we can only dream of now. Together with our partners, Ericsson and EPF Lausanne, we have been paving the way for the 5G rollout since 2016 with our partner programme "5G for Switzerland".

5G opens up a wealth of new possibilities

Its huge bandwidth, short response time, energy efficiency and capacity make 5G the key technology for a wide range of application areas.

More speed: yesterday, today, tomorrow

Always one step ahead: Swisscom is always the first provider in Switzerland to introduce the latest mobile technology, allowing our customers to be the first to benefit from improved speeds.

Pilot project

Ypsomed uses 5G applications

In a pilot project with Swisscom, the medical technology supplier Ypsomed has created a 5G test network and digitised the entire process chain. As an industry partner in the “5G for Switzerland” programme, Ypsomed is the first to use 5G in the industrial environment. Ypsomed is the leading provider of pens, autoinjectors and pump systems for administering liquid medication.

5G for Switzerland partner programme

In the summer of 2016 Swisscom, Ericsson and EPFL (École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne) launched the "5G for Switzerland" programme to jointly conduct research on the new mobile communication standard. We are now researching the opportunities this new technology brings in concrete use cases with Swiss businesses, such as the 5G pilot project at Ypsomed. 

Shape the future of your business with us.

5G's features are creating unprecedented opportunities for Switzerland’s digitisation. Speak to our experts and shape the future of your business in partnership with us.

Julian Dömer

Head of Innovation Swisscom Enterprise

The benefits of 5G


5G offers download speeds of up to 10 Gbit/s for mobile communication that is ten times faster than currently offered on fibre.

Response time

5G reduces response time from the current 25 to 35 milliseconds to just a few milliseconds for almost instant transmission.


Both frequency capacity and data transfer rates are maximised on 5G, allowing far more devices to transmit data simultaneously.


5G reduces energy consumption-per-bit usage by a factor of a thousand, making the network more sustainable and less expensive to run.

Decentralised cloud

5G enables decentralised, mobile-connected clouds for applications that provide the required resources with greater agility and flexibility.

Network slicing

With 5G, dedicated, guaranteed network capacities can be assigned to individual applications, permitting guaranteed service levels.

Why 5G?
Data volumes are increasing rapidly.

Development in mobile data traffic. Source: Swisscom

5G background & info

List of possible 5G use cases