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No. 1 in Switzerland

Swisscom has set itself the goal of further consolidating its position as market leader in Switzerland and as a key provider in the market for IT services. Swisscom’s vision, values and strategy form the basis for success in the competitive Swiss ICT market.

Our vision

As number 1, we are shaping the future. Together we inspire people in the networked world.

Our values

We focus on three values that define who we are and the approach we take to our work.


We are close to our customers and staff and act in a responsible and reliable manner.


We pursue our goals with passion and we focus on what's important.


We are continually developing and always grasp new opportunities.

Our promise

Ready to simply use the opportunities of the networked world.​

Top quality​ I Ground-breaking innovations ​I Connected to people and the environment​

Almost no other company is more closely linked to Switzerland and the people who live here than Swisscom. Because people are our main focus, we also know that while some share our enthusiasm for a connected world, others are more cautious about the future. Swisscom has a duty to everyone to make the possibilities of a connected world accessible, easy to use and relevant. That is our responsibility as the number one provider. And it’s also our promise as the Swisscom brand.

Our strategy

Digitisation, changing customer requirements, predatory competition in the saturated core market and new providers with disruptive business models put our business under pressure. Our long-term corporate strategy aims to compensate for the decline in revenue and profit, thus maintaining the financial strength to invest heavily in new technologies.

Focus trends

Swisscom regularly analyses trends. From these, it identifies tangible, short- to medium-term trends that have a direct impact on Swisscom’s business. For example, the focus trend of Ultra-Broadband & 5G has already arrived in reality: in 2019, the first commercial networks went into operation globally. Other focus trends such as Cloud and Edge Computing or Cyber Security are already having a major impact on many companies worldwide.

Automation and Robotics

Ultra-Broadband and 5G

Cloud and Edge Computing

Diversified Entertainment

Cyber Security

Internet of Things

Privacy, Trust and Ethics

Artificial Intelligence