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Our vision

As number 1, we are shaping the future. Together we inspire people in the networked world.

Our values

We focus on three values that define who we are and the approach we take to our work.


We are close to our customers and staff and act in a responsible and reliable manner.


We pursue our goals with passion and we focus on what's important.


We are continually developing and always grasp new opportunities.

Our strategy

Digitisation, changing customer requirements, predatory competition in the saturated core market and new providers with disruptive business models put our business under pressure. Our long-term corporate strategy aims to compensate for the decline in revenue and profit, thus maintaining the financial strength to invest heavily in new technologies.

Our goals

Based on its strategy, Swisscom has set different short and long-term goals taking into account economic, ecological and social aspects.

Financial goals for 2021  
Net revenue around CHF 11.3 billion
Operating income before depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) from CHF 4.4 billion to CHF 4.5 billion
Capital expenditure in property, plant and equipment and intangible assets from CHF 2.2 billion to CHF 2.3 billion
Reduction in costs in Swiss business CHF 100 million
Ecological goals  
Limit CO2 emissions from operations and in the supply chain to 300,000t by the end of 2025
CO2 savings through customers and portfolio 800,000t by the end of 2025
Other goals  
Ultra-broadband in Switzerland
approx. 100% service coverage by the end of 2025 with more than 80 Mbit/s
Ultra-broadband in Switzerland
approx. 90% service coverage by the end of 2025 with 200-500 Mbit/s
Ultra-broadband in Switzerland
approx. 50-60% service coverage by the end of 2025 with 1 to 10 Gbit/s
Ultra-broadband in Italy 90% service coverage by the end of 2026

“We feel closely connected to Switzerland and play an active role in shaping our country's future.”

Stefan Nünlist,
Head of Group Communications & Responsibility

Mega trends

Mega trends change our habits, the way we work and live. None more so than the digitisation mega trend: we are always networked everywhere – for business or in private. We live in smart cities and work flexibly. We shop more discerningly and save resources. Besides all the benefits for society, mega trends also drive the economy – they open up growth markets for the ICT industry. And we build on that, by developing smart solutions today for the Switzerland of tomorrow. For there is no doubt about it, the future is digital.


Individualism is at the heart of Western culture. Individualisation means freedom of choice. In more affluent countries in particular it has become the basis of society, and relates to value systems, consumption patterns and everyday culture. 

New work



A culture of knowledge


Silver society





Gender shift