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Net neutrality: ombudsman’s office starts work today

Berne, 01 September 2015

From today, a new ombudsman’s office will mediate in disputes between customers and Internet service providers in the event of breaches of the conduct guidelines relating to net neutrality. Its work is based on the code of conduct on net neutrality signed by Swisscom, Sunrise, Salt Mobile SA, upc cablecom and the cable network companies’ association Swisscable.

The creation of a net neutrality ombudsman’s office was announced when the code of conduct came into effect in November 2014. It starts work today. Internet users who believe that their service provider (if they are also a signatory to the code) has breached the code of conduct can call on the net neutrality ombudsman’s office if the issue is not resolved in prior discussions with the network operator.

The net neutrality ombudsman’s office will prepare an annual report on its activities and will evaluate the effectiveness of the code of conduct in ensuring an open Internet. It is made up of three independent experts from the fields of media law, ICT and consumer protection:

  • Dr Rena Zulauf, media and communications lawyer, partner at Zulauf Bürgi Partner
  • Frank Boller, telecoms expert, vice-chairman of SwissICT
  • Petra Rohner, member of the board of directors of Konsumentenforum


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