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For almost a million customers, roaming is no longer an issue

Berne, 25 January 2016

Bye bye Roaming: With its Natel infinity plus subscriptions, Swisscom has virtually abolished fees in the EU for its customers. And it's caught on: only nine months after its launch, one million customers are already enjoying carefree communication abroad. Over 90% of those customers use their mobile phones in the EU area completely without any additional costs.

The time when customers deactivated their data roaming or turned off their phones completely the second they left the country is over. “We are keeping our promise: With the Natel infinity plus subscriptions, one million customers can already use their mobile phones in the EU without giving it a second thought. That means roam like home,” said Torsten Brodt, director of marketing and offer design at Swisscom. Because even the inexpensive infinity plus subscription gives customers unlimited calls and texts as well as 1 GB mobile data for at least 30 days at no additional cost. “In comparison to the offers of our competitors, who include roaming, this makes us much less expensive,” said Brodt.


Communicate abroad at unbeatably competitive rates

Most customers don't pay a single cent more when travelling in Europe. Only ten percent of the infinity plus subscribers used more data than the amount included in their subscription. But even they saved money, thanks to the inexpensive 50 MB to 1 GB data packets available to them. Customers never lose sight of the costs thanks to the transparent SMS notifications and the free Swisscom Cockpit.


Surf the best network carefree – at home and abroad

Since the launch of the improved infinity plus subscriptions in April 2015, customers have used their mobile phones for more than ten million travel days in the EU. And they are already benefiting from 67 partner networks with fast 4G / LTE technology. Worldwide, that number increases to 116. Compared to its Swiss competitors, Swisscom offers the best overall network coverage abroad and is also at the front of the pack worldwide. And Swisscom customers in Switzerland also have the best network: In December 2015, Connect magazine named Swisscom the best network in Switzerland in its mobile network test for the seventh time in a row and the best network in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for the second time running. 



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