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Press release

Swisscom Health and the i-engineers to provide patient-record and networking solutions for hospitals

Swisscom Health AG and the i-engineers AG, a software firm that provides specialised solutions for electronic patient record-keeping and networking, have decided to enter a strategic partnership. The cooperation will create new cloud-based solutions for hospitals that will also be beneficial to doctors and patients. Customers of the i-engineers will therefore be able to purchase their services at a fixed price as part of a convenient service model. The partnership will enable Swisscom to strengthen its position in the Swiss healthcare sector.
Berne, 19 March 2015

Swisscom Health AG has established itself as a leading provider of comprehensive solutions for the Swiss healthcare sector. It offers everything from services and software for medical practices and networking solutions for hospitals to administrative data exchange systems for insurance companies and applications for patients. Swisscom’s strategic partnership with the i-engineers will help it boost the integration of its existing solutions for hospitals.

the i-engineers AG is a specialist provider of enterprise content management (ECM), workflow and process management solutions. More than 70 hospitals already use its healthcare solution Health Engine as a patient record system, communication hub and integration platform.

Fixed-price cloud-based services pave the way to eHealth Switzerland goals

Within the framework of the partnership, Swisscom Health AG will provide the networking solutions of the i-engineers as exclusive cloud-based services. This service model enables investment and operating costs to be cut significantly. Customers will benefit from integration with the IHE components of InterComponentWare (ICW), the Evita personal health record system and the curaX data exchange platform. The solution ensures that hospitals are connected to the architecture recommended by eHealth Switzerland, offers investment protection and can reach a relevant number of customers.

“According to a recent study, the digitisation of data communication could save the Swiss healthcare industry hundreds of millions in process costs,” says Swisscom Health AG CEO Stefano Santinelli.

“Our customers will benefit from a new and revolutionary solution,” adds Peter Summermatter, the CEO of the i-engineers. “Hospitals will benefit from greater flexibility and predictable prices and can digitise their processes step by step across hospitals and cantonal borders.”

Swisscom Health AG: the partner of the Swiss healthcare sector

Swisscom Health AG offers a wide range of solutions for patients, service providers and insurance companies. These include the cloud-based curaPrax software for medical practices, the order management system curabill, the curaX networking platform, the Evita electronic patient records system, IHE components for medical files and the recently launched swissmom app: a social network for pregnant women and young families. Swisscom Health also has a minority shareholding in telemedicine provider Medgate and holds 100% of the shares in Datasport Ltd, Switzerland’s leading provider of services for sports events. With more than 100 employees and a customer base that includes 2,000 doctors as well as 100 hospitals, insurance companies, radiology institutes and labs, Swisscom Health is one of the leading providers of solutions for the Swiss healthcare sector.

the i-engineers AG: energising eHealth

the i-engineers is a specialised provider of enterprise content management (ECM), workflow and process management solutions.

Its Health Engine system is a comprehensive solution that it developed to enable hospitals to combine their individual procedures and processes into a single unit.

Together, Health Engine and the integrated medical file system can be used to obtain all relevant information from all medical, nursing and administrative systems and viewers and make it available again in a way that suits the processes and meets the relevant regulations. Health Engine fully supports all standards (HL7, DICOM, IHE, etc.). It thus helps hospitals that pursue a “best-of-breed” strategy to remain highly flexible and implement any number of processes, even beyond their premises.

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