Swisscom is launching Wingo, a brand for digitally savvy customers

Digitally savvy, generally younger, urban people have clear expectations of their telecommunications provider and consciously avoid extras and specific services. In order to target this growing customer group more effectively, Swisscom is launching Wingo, a brand offering individualised products stripped down to meet basic needs. Wingo will offer customers the best service at an affordable price, thereby supporting Swisscom’s customer growth.
Berne, 01 April 2015

The ICT market has changed considerably in recent years and is playing an ever greater role in our everyday lives. As the market has evolved, customer needs have diversified. The changed environment requires providers to set themselves apart more distinctively in the marketplace and address the different needs of customer groups more precisely.

Wingo is aimed primarily at young, urban customers

Wingo will allow us to specifically target digitally savvy, urban customers that Swisscom has so far been unable to reach effectively. We will acquire new customers with a reduced service, simplified offerings and low prices,” states Marc Werner, Head of Swisscom Residential Customers. The Wingo brand reduces the products on offer to the essentials. Communication with customers, ordering subscriptions and support will only be offered online. Wingo is therefore designed to meet the needs of residential customers who already possess excellent knowledge of the digital world and wish to consciously avoid certain services.

Affordable thanks to a clever business model

Wingo focuses on subscriptions tailored specifically to its target group. The fixed network offering will only be available in areas where customers have been supplied with Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH), so as to minimise technical complexity. Since Wingo dispenses with the usual supplementary Swisscom services such as shops and the free hotline, it offers products at highly affordable prices.

With Wingo, Swisscom aims to target residential customers that existing Swisscom offerings have been unable to reach effectively. Despite strong competition and the uniform fall in prices in the telecommunications market, Swisscom expects that it will continue to maintain or even increase its market share and revenue in the future with the help of Wingo. Wingo’s offering is now available on the market.

Media documents on the Wingo offer can be found at
Specific details regarding Wingo will be announced in a press release and an online media talk at 10 a.m. A live stream of the talk will be available from 10 a.m. on the website and will be available on demand from 11.30 a.m. via the same link. Journalists and bloggers are warmly invited.

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