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Press release

Sustainability in the product range: Swisscom launches Fairphone 2

Swisscom adds Fairphone 2 to its portfolio. The device, which is manufactured in line with fair trade principles, is available to customers at a discounted price of just CHF 1 in combination with a Swisscom subscription. Advance orders can be placed online today through distribution partner Digitec. In Swisscom, Netherlands-based Fairphone has deliberately chosen a sustainable partner.
Berne, 02 March 2016

From today, customers can pre-order the handset with all current Swisscom subscriptions. Orders will be fulfilled through Swisscom’s distribution partner Digitec. The Fairphone 2 is available in black colour and costs just CHF 1 when ordered with a Natel infinity plus XL subscription. “Consumer demands for sustainably produced products also extend to telecommunications services and smartphones. Swisscom is already leading the way in this area, and now offers the most sustainable mobile phone on the market,” says Torsten Brodt, Head of Marketing and Product Design at Swisscom.

“Swisscom’s commitment fits us like a glove”

The Dutch start-up hopes to stir up the telecommunication sector with its smartphone, which is manufactured in accordance with fair trade principles. The focus is on the ethical extraction of raw materials, socially responsible production conditions and the longevity of the product. Swisscom is committed to a similar goal. Since 2012 it has been the only Swiss telecom operator to join the JAC (Joint Audit Cooperation) telecommunications initiative. JAC is focused on safe and fair working conditions and on the sustainability of the product supply chain. Together with the ten other JAC members, Swisscom regularly inspects the production centres of its key ICT (Information and Communication Technology) partners for their compliance with a range of sustainability criteria. Bas Van Abel, CEO of Fairphone, explains: “Swisscom fits our commitment like a glove: it is also a company that is working for fair supply chains and working conditions.”

Easy to repair

The ease of repair of many consumables, including mobile phones, is highly dependent on their design. It is virtually impossible to install spare parts or upgrade individual components of most of today's devices. The Fairphone 2 is not only manufactured in line with fair trade principles, but also features a modular design. This means that customers can replace the battery or a cracked screen themselves.

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