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Thomas Bachofner appointed CEO of Swisscom Health Ltd

Berne, 21 September 2016

Swisscom has appointed Thomas Bachofner as the new CEO of Swisscom Health Ltd. Mr Bachofner replaces Stefano Santinelli, who is to become the CEO of Swisscom Directories Ltd ( & from 1 October 2016. The 45-year-old Thomas Bachofner has been a central figure in developing Swisscom’s SME business since 2010, holding various management positions during this time.

Under its new CEO, Swisscom Health Ltd will continue to work on improving digitisation and networking in the health sector, and pursue its existing business strategy. Over the past five years, Swisscom Health Ltd has built up a customer base comprising 2,000 doctors, 200 hospitals, 70 insurance companies, 200 pharmacies, five cantons, and a wealth of laboratories and X-ray facilities. In addition, the outsourcing competence centre for health insurers established in 2016 now operates all core Sanitas IT systems. Digitisation in the health sector is gaining pace and a groundbreaking phase is about to begin with the entry into force of the Electronic Patient Records Act. Swisscom Health Ltd is already involved in a range of networking projects in Zurich, Solothurn, Berne and Liechtenstein.

Thomas Bachofner joined Swisscom in 2010 as Head of Strategy for the SME segment. He oversaw the creation of the digitisation strategy, which he then rolled out successfully in conjunction with SME customers as the Head of Product Management and Marketing. Before coming to Swisscom, Thomas Bachofner held various management positions at IBM and Accenture. Born in Zurich, Thomas Bachofner studied economics and political science at the University of Berne. Thomas Bachofner will take over as CEO of Swisscom Health Ltd on 1 December 2016.