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Andreas Csonka is appointed Datasport's new CEO

Berne, 1 November 2016

The Board of Directors of Datasport AG – which has been a subsidiary of Swisscom since 2012 – appointed Andreas Csonka as its new CEO on 1 November 2016. Andreas Csonka, a management executive with extensive experience and excellent contacts in the Swiss sports scene, is assuming responsibility for the development of the leading partner for popular sporting events in Switzerland. His objectives for Datasport are improving timekeeping by deploying new technologies, developing new digital business models and enhancing customer experiences. Csonka succeeds Matthias Fehr, Datasport CEO from 2014 to October 2016 who will also continue to support the company.

Datasport measures the sporting performance of around half a million participants in popular sports each year on behalf of sport event organisers at over 300 events, including many running and cycling events as well as downhill and cross-country skiing competitions. Datasport was established in 1983 as a digital pioneer. The innovative young entrepreneurs were the first in Switzerland to open up computer-based timekeeping in real time to popular sports. Datasport today provides complete packages for popular and mass sporting events, covering promotion, participant administration, collection of entry fees, timekeeping and a results service as well as mobile and internet services for athletes, media professionals and organisers. Over a million athletes have a Datasport online account and 470,000 receive information about the latest sporting events every 14 days via Datasport newsletters. Datasport is therefore a hidden champion in times when digital start-ups are evaluated based on their user numbers.

Pioneering performance for popular sport

In his role as new Datasport CEO, Andreas Csonka aims to take advantage of this opportunity together with sport event organisers and other partners. “We want to be the pioneer we once were again, taking services for popular sporting events to the next level,” remarked Csonka outlining his goal. The company will focus on added value and experiences for the loyal broad customer base of sportspeople. Csonka will deploy the latest measurement technology, completely relaunch, improve the Datasport app and open up opportunities in the eco-system with Swisscom Health and other network partners. “In Andreas Csonka we have a leader who is well equipped for this challenge with the experience and skills required for business development and the next stages of digitalisation. He is also extremely well connected on the Swiss sports scene,” explained Thomas Bachofner, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Datasport and CEO of Swisscom Health AG.

Former CEO Matthias Fehr is stepping down from his management role for health reasons but will continue to support Datasport in a key role. “We are delighted we can continue to rely on Matthias' experience and well-established customer relationships in future and wish to thank him for his commitment over the past two years. He has succeeded in establishing a stable and highly effective organisation,” explained Thomas Bachofner.

Andreas Csonka's vocation – sport and business

Andreas Csonka has assisted major national and international sport associations and large-scale event organisers in his role as head of Sport Business at Deloitte. Having worked as an organisational development specialist for many years for consultancy firms, such as Capgemini, Arthur D. Little and Boydak Strategy Consulting, the 48-year-old Swiss has always fostered change and technological innovation and enabled employees to embrace change. In his honorary capacity as President of the Swiss University Sports Association, Csonka is head of one of the largest all-encompassing associations and event organisers in Swiss sport. The pinnacle of his involvement to date was winning the right to host the world's second-largest winter sports event, the 2021 Winter Universiade in Lucerne. As an Executive Board member of the Swiss Rowing Association, Csonka is also responsible for the competitive sport section.

Andreas Csonka studied materials science and business management at the Federal Institute of Technology Zurich and the University of Zurich, lives in Zurich and has two sons.