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Swisscom is now providing virtualised network services

Berne, 9 May 2017

Swisscom is one of the first telecoms providers worldwide to provide virtualised network services for companies. The Enterprise Connect service allows functional changes to be made to the network centrally at the touch of a button. The new service is initially being launched in the S variant for smaller, standardised network locations.

Around 300,000 gigabytes of data traffic are transmitted via Swisscom’s network every day. Data volume is also increasing rapidly for companies and authorities in this age of digitisation. Continually upgrading and flexibly adapting this network infrastructure is a challenging and expensive task in view of the complexity involved. Network virtualisation offers a solution here. Swisscom was one of the first providers worldwide to invest in the required technology, such as software-defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualisation (NFV). This solution package is called Swisscom Enterprise Connect.

Decoupled and flexible

Enterprise Connect divides the network’s lower function levels – in the form of virtual services – from the hardware. Companies access all relevant functions via a dashboard, have a comprehensive overview of all communications services, can monitor network behaviour in real time and obtain information on compliance with the service level agreements. Services can be ordered or cancelled online, bandwidth adjusted within minutes and changes to functions such as firewalls made in minutes rather than weeks as was previously the case. All data is stored securely at Swisscom data centres in Switzerland.

Launch with Enterprise Connect S

Swisscom is initially launching the S variant of Enterprise Connect. It is aimed at smaller, standardised network locations with a bandwidth of up to 1 Gbit/second and covers all basic services and network devices from a recurring charge of CHF 90 a month. The M, L and XL packages as well as further functions – such as SIP trunk, Public Wireless LAN, Hosted PBX, Swisscom TV and Remote Access Services – are under development and will be launched at a later date.