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Changed customer needs result in teleraetia being shut down at the end of 2018

Landquart, 15 June, 2017

Technology developments, changed customer needs regarding TV, and the associated significant drops in the number of customers have resulted in the decision to stop the teleraetia TV service in the Canton of Graubünden at the end of 2018. Customers are being informed personally and they now have 18 months to find and switch to an appropriate TV offer.

The technology (DVB-T), which is used to operate teleraetia, is no longer capable of meeting customer needs. A wide range of channels, time-shift TV and also recordings are possible only with modern offers such as IP-TV or satellite television. The numbers of teleraetia subscribers, which have dropped significantly, have made that clear. This service can no longer be provided in a profitable manner and must therefore be shut down at the end of 2018.

Enough time to change

Around 5,500 residential customers will be affected by the closure of this TV service – around 2,800 of whom have second or holiday homes – as well as 150 business customers in the Canton of Graubünden. The customers are being personally informed about the end of the service and now have 18 months to find and switch to an appropriate satellite or internet protocol television offer – such as Swisscom TV. If you need advice, you can contact a special hotline (to switch to a Swisscom TV offer), teleraetia or the specialist partner in your region. (cf. info in the box)

SRG programmes will still be broadcast terrestrially

The following five programmes will continue to be broadcast for free terrestrially by SRG in the Canton of Graubünden in standard quality: SRF 1, SRF zwei, SRF info, RTS Un and RSI LA 1 (in Misox and Puschlav SRF 1, RTS Un, RSI LA 1 and RSI LA 2). Customers can find a list of the programming for each channel at Depending on the type of reception you have, an antenna (interior, exterior or rooftop) is usually required. You will need to search manually to find these channels on the TV with a digital tuner).

Continuous broadband expansion in the Canton of Graubünden

Swisscom is continually pushing ahead with the optical fibre expansion in the Canton of Graubünden and is thus establishing the foundation for high bandwidths and Swisscom TV. Around 91% of all homes and businesses in the Canton of Graubünden can already use Swisscom TV. And Swisscom’s goal is to ensure every Swiss community has access to the optical fibre technologies by the end of 2021.

Advice and support for customers until teleraetia is shut down at the end of 2018

  • Residential customers who use teleraetia, are interested in Swisscom TV and would like to benefit from an offer to switch: free hotline 0800 300 321
  • Teleraetia business customers: Thomas Wallnöfer, teleraetia, phone +41 (0)58 223 25 22
  • The existing specialist partners of teleraetia in the Canton of Graubünden are also offering advice and offers for switching. Information and a list of regional specialist partners can be found at

To Tele Rätia AG

Tele Rätia AG was founded in 1980 by the Canton of Graubünden in order to provide its communities with foreign television programmes. In 2004 Swisscom Broadcast Ltd, a subsidiary of Swisscom, purchased a majority of shares and subsequently all of the shares in Tele Rätia AG. Tele Rätia AG was then merged into Swisscom Broadcast Ltd; however, the brand "teleraetia" was retained for the product.


DVB-T is the abbreviation of Digital Video Broadcasting-Terrestrial, which is the system for receiving digital television via an antenna. In the DVB-T network, programmes are transmitted in standard quality.