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All IP for Aarberg, Nyon, Uster and Zurich Oberstrass/Unterstrass – pioneers on the journey into the digital age

Berne, 10 October 2017

The future of communication worldwide is “IP” (Internet Protocol). This is true for Switzerland as well. Swisscom has been modernising traditional fixed-line telephony for the past four years and is converting to IP (Internet Protocol), the technology of the future. Aarberg, Nyon, Uster, Zurich Oberstrass and Unterstrass and about a dozen other municipalities will be the first areas in Switzerland to benefit from an entirely fixed network infrastructure. All connections in these areas will be transferred completely to IP technology as of February 2018, Swisscom will be individually contacting every customer in the modernised municipalities (see list below) to guide them through the migration. Business customers are recommended to plan for and implement the switch to All IP now to benefit from these new developments in technology.

Nearly four in five Swisscom customers – over 1.8 million people – have already made the change and are now benefiting from the many new possibilities that IP technology offers. These include, for example, the name of the caller being displayed on the telephone during inbound calls, crystal-clear sound quality, personal block lists and a filter to block unwanted advertising calls.


As of the end of February 2018, Aarberg, Nyon, Uster and their neighbouring municipalities, as well as Zurich Unterstrass and Oberstrass (a total of 20 locations; for details, see below) will be the first regions in Switzerland to be transferred completely to IP, which will allow not only individual customers but all Swisscom customers living in these areas to benefit from the advantages offered by the latest, future-oriented IP products. In fully transferring these municipalities to IP, Swisscom will gain further valuable experience before starting work on the complete transfer of the network infrastructure of the first four major regions (see below). Once the transfer has been completed, work will commence on decommissioning the old infrastructure.


By the end of the year almost every private customer will be converted to IP and will benefit from the advantages of IP technology. The remaining customers will be contacted individually. The transfer to IP is simple: Normally, all that needs to be done is to plug the telephone cable back into the router. Upon request, Swisscom can also provide support from a technician, who can assist the client with the change. Customers who do not already possess a router will be sent one free of charge. Residential customers wanting to switch from ISDN to IP will require the help of a technician to adjust their in-house installation. Swisscom will provide this service free of charge. A customer can check at any time whether their connection has already been transferred to IP by calling on freephone 0800 882 002 from a fixed network connection.


IP technology will provide business customers – from SMEs all the way up to large companies – with numerous opportunities to configure their communication and collaboration processes to be simpler, more efficient and more flexible. Swisscom can offer the right IP solutions based on the size and requirements of each individual company. The customer can choose to set up a whole new purely IP solution, or they can migrate an existing system to IP at low cost and take advantage of the new communication possibilities for their company. Business customers are advised to switch to IP technology as quickly as possible, as experience has shown that this is a time-consuming process . Swisscom and its partners will support and guide their customers throughout the whole process.

The following municipalities and regions will be the first areas in Switzerland to be fully migrated to All IP in stages as of February 2018 – thus preparing them for the journey into the digital age:

Grafik Schweiz

Uster, Gossau ZH, Greifensee, Mönchaltorf, Nyon, Arnex-sur-Nyon, Coinsins, Crans-près-Céligny, Duillier, Eysins, Grens, Prangins, Signy-Avenex, Aarberg, Bargen (BE), Kallnach, Kappelen, Radelfingen, Seedorf (BE) as well as Zurich Unterstrass and Oberstrass.


Four major regions will follow: Solothurn/Biel/Jura, Schaffhausen/Winterthur/Frauenfeld, Balsthal/Olten/areas in Aargau/Oberaargau as well as Rapperswil/Jona/Glarus. The other regions are currently being planned and will be announced in good time. The customers affected will be notified at least six months in advance.



Information on the switch to IP

  • Residential customers: 0800 800 800 (call 0800 882 002 to check whether your connection has already been migrated to IP)
  • SMEs: 0800 055 055 or contact your electrical partner
  • Large corporate customers: 0800 800 900