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Cloud infrastructure at the touch of a button: Prices for Ultra Fast Storage and computing power fall by more than 30 percent

Berne, 30 January 2018

Swisscom drops the prices for its Dynamic Computing Services from February 2018. Virtual computing power (vCPU) becomes over 30 percent cheaper and storage from the cloud costs over 40 percent less.

Dynamic Computing Services, infrastructure at the touch of a button from Swisscom, will be even better value from 1 February 2018. Companies will save more than 40 percent for Ultra Fast Storage (SSD) and more than 30 percent for virtual CPU. Christian Hoffmann, product manager responsible for Dynamic Computing Services (DCS) at Swisscom, says: «Our Dynamic Computing Services are a perfect success model on the Swiss market. We achieved strong growth in 2017 and we want to build on that by maintaining competitive pricing for our customers in 2018».

Resources (Standard class with 24/7 support)

Previously (CHF/month)

Now (CHF/month) (*)

Ultra Fast Storage (per GB)



Computing power (CU, per 0.1Ghz)


(*) rounded prices, based on the definitive five-digit hourly prices in the official price list

Over a million users every day

Over 2,000 customers with more than a million users rely on Dynamic Computing Services from Swisscom’s data centres. There are over 12,000 virtual machines made available within the Service.