Swisscom wins CHIP mobile network test

The third mobile network test in Switzerland conducted by CHIP trade magazine again confirms that Swisscom customers have the best network in the country. Swisscom was the overall winner and also scored best in the telephony, mobile Internet, LTE network and long-distance trains categories. Huge network expansion and technical innovations will ensure that Swisscom continues to provide the best mobile experience in the future, extending its gigabyte network across Switzerland and going live with 5G at the first sites this year.
Berne, 05 April 2018

More than 6.6 million accesses already use the Swisscom mobile network. CHIP’s mobile network test confirms yet again that our customers are on the right network. The magazine has conducted its mobile network test in Switzerland for the third year in a row, and Swisscom has won it every time. Rated best overall, Swisscom was also the unrivalled winner in the telephony and long-distance trains categories. Swisscom had the most points for mobile Internet and LTE network and earned a “very good” overall rating. “We are delighted to have again won the title of best network,” says Heinz Herren, CIO and CTO at Swisscom. “This top rating is an incentive for us to continue optimising our existing network for our customers and to innovate.” Winning the CHIP test award, and also the mobile communication test by connect magazine, also renowned in the industry, underscores Swisscom's ambition to provide the best network in Switzerland.

Mobile network expansion in progress

At the end of 2018, Swisscom will already start introducing the new 5G mobile generation. At the same time, it is also working intensively on the continued development of 4G. In addition to national coverage of more than 99% with 4G, 3G and 2G, 80% of the population already enjoys 4G+ (speeds of up to 300 Mbit/s), and 60% speeds up to 450 Mbit/s. Besides mobile coverage, Swisscom is also focusing on increasing speed. At present eleven cities and 15 Swisscom Shops already have access to 1 GB/s; by the end of 2018 it is aimed that around 30% of the Swiss population will enjoy this speed.

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