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Conextrade breaks the 100 million mark

Berne, 9. April 2018

Conextrade celebrates its 18th birthday. More than 3,500 companies have processed 100 million transactions via the B2B platform of Swisscom over the past 18 years.

Conextrade has evolved from a traditional electronic data exchange provider to a platform for digital company processes, from e-invoicing to the entire Procure-to-Pay/Order-to-Cash processes. The more than 3,500 Conextrade customers, which include renowned companies like UBS, Pilatus, Geberit and the 'Elektrizitätswerke des Kantons Zürich', handle billions of procurement and invoicing processes each year via this platform. In February 2018 Conextrade passed the 100 million transactions mark. Eros Merlini, Head of Conextrade, said: "Companies not only save money with paperless transactions. Together we also contribute towards helping the environment. Over the past 18 years, Conextrade has helped to save 2,900 tons of CO2 – which is equal to the consumption of a car travelling to the moon and back 25 times.»

Conextrade has grown up

Conextrade now offers legally compliant e-invoicing for more than 50 countries and has connections to more than two dozen national and international platforms (roaming connections). In addition to the fast and low cost delivery of PDF bills via e-mail, Conextrade now also supports hybrid formats such as the ZUGFeRD and Facture-X standards.

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