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SimplyMobile Prepaid: full cost control with no expiry date

SimplyMobile is now also available as a Prepaid option with attractive call and data packages. And it's typical SimplyMobile: customers can carry over any data or call minutes they haven’t used into the following month.
Berne, 04 July 2018

The SimplyMobile subscription put an end to expiry dates for data credit – and we're now extending the principle to Prepaid. It comes with an attractive, easy-to-remember tariff system: customers have a 750 megabyte data package to surf in Swisscom’s best network for CHF 9.90 and a package for 100 SMS, MMS or call minutes at a price of CHF 15.– (CHF 0.15 per SMS, MMS or minute) for use in Switzerland. The credit remains valid until it is all used up. This principle also applies to roaming, for example, in Europe with a 250 Megabyte package available for CHF 15.–. Without a package, domestic calls cost CHF 0.29 per minute, SMS CHF 0.15 and MMS CHF 0.50. “SimplyMobile is designed for customers who want a tariff system that is easy to remember and offers straightforward cost control. And that also includes full control of the credit you have bought”, explains Cyril Wick, head of third-party brands at Swisscom.

Simplest subscription

Swisscom has been offering SimplyMobile, the simplest subscription on Swisscom’s Best Network, since last autumn. Customers enjoy unlimited domestic calls and 2 GB data for CHF 29.90 per month. Any unused data credit is simply carried over to the following month.

SimplyMobile is available as a subscription or Prepaid option at Interdiscount and Fust. Customers can also purchase a subscription at

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