Swisscom continues to break down the barriers between television and streaming. From 27 January, ‘Swisscom TV X’ will make the best Swisscom TV and the most popular streaming service Netflix available at a discounted price, with hundreds of channels, 1,200 hours of recording, 7-day Replay and Netflix Standard HD allowing streaming on two devices at the same time for just CHF 50.- per month. For an additional CHF 5.- per month, you can upgrade to Netflix Premium, letting you stream content on four devices at the same time in UHD and HDR. The Swisscom Box supports the HDR standard ‘Dolby Vision’, also used by Netflix, enabling you to view Netflix originals such as ‘Stranger Things’, ‘The Crown’ or ‘Money Heist’ in ultra-sharp UHD and HDR.

Swisscom customers who already use Netflix can simply switch to Swisscom TV X and transfer their existing Netflix account to the new subscription without the need to change their Netflix account.

The Swiss already stream an hour of content per day

Swisscom is one of the first providers in the world to integrate an interface that incorporates Netflix programming and TV content. The two companies are working together closely on further innovations in order to provide users with the optimum entertainment experience. “People in Switzerland watch TV for around three hours per day – including an hour of streaming services. Swisscom is therefore combining the best of both worlds with a single box and a single remote control,” says Dirk Wierzbitzki, Head of Residential Customers and member of the Group Executive Board.

“In Swisscom, we have an outstanding partner who, like us, always puts the customer at the heart of our joint initiatives. We are therefore delighted to launch the Swisscom TV X package, giving the Swiss public even easier access to the most entertaining programming available from Swisscom and Netflix,” says Rene Rummel-Mergeryan, Business Development Director at Netflix.

Swisscom TV X will be available from Monday as part of an inOne home subscription for both the Swisscom Box and the UHD Box. At the end of February, the Swisscom TV UHD Box will upgrade to Entertainment OS4 and will then offer all the benefits of the Swisscom Box, except the Voice Assistant, as well as making Netflix content available to watch straight from the Swisscom TV home screen.

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