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1 Gbit/s throughout Switzerland with the 5G Internet-Booster

Swisscom launches 5G Internet-Booster for the home. Swisscom will soon bring Gigabit Internet to its customers’ homes throughout Switzerland. At its launch, speeds of up to 600 Mbit/s will be available, which will increase to up to 1 Gbit/s in mid-2022. The 5G Internet-Booster combines the existing Internet speed of the copper line with the fastest 5G and 4G mobile network. Swisscom is therefore making even more households ready for highspeed Internet.

Photo shows a living room as well as the Internet-Booster which is connected to the router.

The 5G Internet-Booster is now available from Swisscom. The Booster amplifies the existing fixed-network copper line using the fastest 5G and 4G mobile Internet, providing an ultra-fast home networking experience. Download speeds of up to 600 Mbit/s are now possible, increasing to up to 1 Gbit/s during the first half of 2022. This high-speed home connection is possible because the Booster combines the fixed network and mobile bandwidths. It also aggregates the 5G and several 4G frequency bands. This means that it makes better use of the available mobile network capacity and is widely available. By combining the fixed and mobile networks, customers benefit from greater stability than would be possible with a purely mobile solution (such as Fixed Wireless Access) and can therefore enjoy a perfect TV experience. Thanks to the external antenna, installing the 5G Internet-Booster on the outside of the window guarantees the best reception and ensures even more reliable speed when compared to indoor mobile routers.

 Dirk Wierzbitzki, Head of Residential Customers, says: “Bandwidth requirements and data usage are increasing all the time. Home working, video streaming and digital learning all benefit from the higher transmission speeds that our customers can significantly increase with the 5G Internet-Booster.”

Simple to use and combine with all inOne home subscriptions

The 5G Internet-Booster is easy and intuitive to install. Customers can simply attach it to a window in their home and connect it to the home router with a cable. The additional mobile bandwidth is then automatically available.

The Booster is the Nokia FastMile 5G Receiver. In 2021, this model received the reddot design award for its innovative design and provides high reliability and performance thanks to its industry-leading antenna design. There is a one-off charge of CHF 149.– for the hardware, with no additional monthly charges for using the service. Residential customers can use the Internet-Booster with the Internet subscriptions inOne home Internet S, M and now also L. Customers can visit to check whether the Booster is available in their local area and can order it online or in the Swisscom Shop. Future Internet speeds can also be checked online and will always depend on the existing copper line and the mobile reception in the area.

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